Reclaimed Re-imagined

A Family Company


Started in July of 2010 by Tadd Morris and his father Joe, 2nd Chance Wood Company has quickly grown into one of Michigan’s largest producers of repurposed barn wood. From there we have expanded into many areas including the manufacturing of furniture, cabinets and flooring.

We are dedicated to saving the old growth, rustic and unique wood from barns, homes, old factories and historic buildings. We hand disassemble the buildings and try to give a 2nd chance to this beautiful and sometimes extinct material.


Our Method

Each piece is hand crafted skillfully, using superior material ensuring the addition to your home and lives are preserved in the most meticulous fashion. Wood varieties exhibit historical character, with most barns built from wood harvested on site. Each discovery yields beautiful selection of wood styles spanning from white pine to local variety we like to call chocolate white oak, as it is noticeably darker due to the minerals in the ground, and including everything in between. Cherishing the uniqueness of each piece, the wood is left as is, showing its natural patina and wear. Original saw marks are found on most boards, with custom wood planning as desired.

If you are searching for a beautiful way to restore or add to your home or life, visit the showroom today or speak with one of our knowledgeable partners to learn about what can be built specifically for you.